Photography Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Preserve the privilege. Uphill ski touring at MMC-Shames Mountain is a privilege, not a right. By working together, we can preserve the privilege of uphill access at MMC-Shames Mountain, on lift-operating days and non-lift operating days.

What will uphill access at MMC-Shames Mountain look like?

We want to preserve the privilege of uphill ski touring at MMC-Shames Mountain and to do so we have put in place set routes and rules which must followed at all times in order to meet both our insurance requirements and our legal duty of care towards our guests.

Uphill access on lift-operating days

We are delighted to bring back uphill access on our lift-operating days. All uphill ski tourers who wish to tour inbounds must purchase a Uphill Lift Ticket from the Ticket Office and sign a backcountry waiver. The Uphill Ticket will cost $10 per person. The route for inbound uphill ski touring during lift-operating days is shown below. All uphill ski touring must stay on the designated route (Boomerang, Panhandler, Lower Boundary and Upper Boundary). Please note that during lift-operating days, dogs are not allowed on the mountain, please respect this and leave your canine friends at home.

Uphill access on non-lift-operating days

Photograph Credit: Mattias Fredriksson

Uphill ski touring at MMC-Shames Mountain on non-lift-operating will differ slightly from lift-operating days. The designated route for uphill access on non-lift-operating days which all uphill ski tourers must take is Exhibition (under the blue chair) and Rainbow Ridge (skier’s left, please stick to the sides and avoid cutting across the run).

Please note that our Black Diamond runs, AOT, Hangover, Junior’s Jungle, Galloways and Terminator are all closed during non-lift-operating days. Preserve the privilege and please follow all terrain closures.

There is no ski patrol, no avalanche mitigation or control, end of day sweep, emergency services or cell phone service at the hill on non-lift-operating days, you are on your own and travel at your own risk.

If you bring your dog on non-lift-operating days, you must keep your dog on a leash until tower 3 of the chairlift. Dogs must be on leash and controlled in the base area and parking lots. Please clean up after your dog.

Rules and Opening Hours

  • Rules
    • Headlamps are required outside of daylight hours, this ensures you are visible to our equipment operators, other staff and guests alike
    • We reserve the right to restrict access at any time. Access is closed while our snowcat is on the mountain – it is your responsibility to check whether access is allowed prior to uphill ski touring
  • During lift-operating days:
    • Users must purchase a $10 daily uphill ticket
    • Sign their backcountry waiver (this must be signed upon purchase every day)
    • No access between 12.00am to 9.30am every day with no exceptions
    • Stick to the designated uphill route
    • Stay to the side of the uphill route
    • Uphill ski tourers will not have access to any of the lifts including the Red T-Bar and Blue Chair, anyone found abusing this policy will be asked to purchase a full-day lift ticket or be blacklisted from MMC-Shames Mountain
  • During non-lift-operating days:
    • Users are subject to the exclusion of liability and assumption of risk
    • No access to the Black Diamonds (AOT, Hangover, Junior’s Jungle, Galloways and Terminator)
    • No access between 12.00am to 8.30am every day with no exceptions
    • Stay to the side of the uphill route

Persons accessing MMC-Shames Mountain outside regular lift-operating hours acknowledge that activities including, but not limited to, grooming, snowmobile traffic, special event setup and marked and unmarked hazards pertaining to those activities may exists anywhere within our boundary at any time.

Action will be taken against individuals who fail to comply with the rules, persistent rule breaking will result in loss of access and passes being revoked.

Why have we implemented this program?

MMC-Shames Mountain is on crown land leased by My Recreational Mountain Cooperative. As holders of this tenue, we are legally-bound by the Occupier’s Liability Act to ensure we take reasonable steps to ensure our premises are reasonably safe. This duty of care extends year-round, and whether we are in operation on lift-operating days, non-lift-operating days, during pre and post-season, or after hours.