Guests that wish to park their vehicles overnight must follow our policy as set by the MMC-Shames Mountain Board of Directors.

We are allowing:

  • Truck campers, Vans, and Small Motorhomes with a maximum length of 24 feet 
  • Standalone shelters, such as pop-up tents should be setup in a manner that fits within your one parking spot less than the 24-foot total length, and be securely anchored. 

Not allowed for the 23-24 season:

  • Tow behind Trailers, Busses, Motorhomes or any other vehicle longer than 24 feet.
  • Stand-alone structures cannot be left un-occupied overnight.  Stand-alone structures must be actively used and fit within your parking space with your vehicle.

Guests parking overnight will not have access to any of our facilities or staff members. We will leave one outdoor toilet unlocked. This toilet will be cleaned at the end of the workday, and will not be sanitized again until the next morning. It will be up to the overnight guests to use at their own risk, and keep it clean during the evenings.

Guests need to keep in mind that the loader will be out plowing our parking lots starting around 5 am. All guests parking are to have their area tidied up prior to 5:00 am on operating days.

MMC-Shames Mountain is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

MMC-Shames Mountain Overnight Parking Rules

Overnight parking is a privilege, not a right. We ask that all patrons choosing to Overnight Park be respectful at all times.

Please choose to be the reason this activity can continue and not the reason why it has to be stopped.

  • All overnight parking in the lower lot.
  • Road Closures
    • If the Ministry of Transportation announces a road closure, all guests will be required to leave. This announcement can come at any time of day or night.
    • If your overnight camping vehicle is unable to leave, the passengers will be transported down in an alternate vehicle.
    • There will be no exceptions.
  • Dogs
    • Dogs are to always remain on a leash.
    • A dog’s leash needs to be kept to a length that prohibits the dog from reaching other campsites.
    • Please pick up after your dog.
  • Overnight Parking Pass is minimum $5 per night
    • You are required to obtain an overnight parking pass, registering your vehicle and occupants.
    • Available at the ticket office.
    • Maximum of 5 consecutive nights at a time.
  • Overnight Parking Rules
    • Open alcohol or drugs are not permitted in our parking lots.
    • Quiet time is between 11 and 8 am (Snowcats and Loader are excluded).