100+ Authentic Resorts | 144+ Days of Skiing and Riding | $399

*Shames Mountain is a partner resort on the Indy Pass and provides two free days to all Indy Pass holders.

The Indy Pass is the fastest-growing multi-mountain pass in the world and features world-class resorts in all regions of the US, Canada, and now the powder belt of Northern Japan. Our 70+ fiercely independent mountains are incredibly diverse but all have one thing in common – they offer smaller crowds, lower costs, and welcoming authentic vibes.

Experience the joy of skiing and riding at an independent ski resort and join the Indy Revolution today!

What’s the Indy AddOn Pass?

The Indy AddOn Pass is a specific Indy Pass product for skiers and riders who already have an unrestricted or full-time pass to a partnering Indy resort. After purchasing the Indy AddOn Pass, purchasers must submit proof of their current season pass in order to activate their Indy AddOn Pass.

It still offers the same benefit as a regular Indy Pass—2 days each at 170+ ski areas—just without access to their home mountain (already provided by their season pass to your resort).

You can learn more on the 23/24 Indy AddOn Pass Page here