My Mountain Co-op is a non-for profit community service co-operative. All co-operatives work together democratically towards a shared vision of economic, social, and cultural goals. A Community Service Co-operative is a co-op that provides a service for the community. 

As a non-profit community service co-operative, any revenue generated goes directly into the operation, opposed to the pockets of shareholders, our members. This means all of our revenue goes into maintaining My Mountain Co-op and Shames Mountain.

The foundation for any co-operative structure is the membership. Individuals, businesses, corporations, or groups purchase shares in the co-operative. 

Once a membership is established, a volunteer Board of Directors is elected. One member one vote! The Board listens to the membership and makes decisions on behalf of the co-operative based on the mission and vision of the co-operative. 

The Board of Directors hires a General Manager to run the community service aspect of the co-operative. The Board of Directors and the General Manager work together to make sure that the four cornerstone of the co-operative – affordability, sustainability, collaborative, innovative – are incorporated into every facet of the co-op and operations.

Membership is our Strength 

Through input and volunteerism, it is the membership that steers the direction of any evolving co-operative. The process of being an active member brings its own rewards, allowing members to solidify social and economic links in their community whiles improving the health and opportunities for all. Join us and help shape the future of MMC/Shames Mountain.

Memorandum of Association

Legally, every co-operative must have a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the general operating rules the co-operative, for example membership and voting guidelines. All members have the right to see the Memorandum of Understanding for My Recreational Mountain Co-op (the legal name of My Mountain Co-op). Contact us if you have any questions.