Volunteering is a fun and fulfilling way to be a part your My Mountain Co-op. It’s the hard work and dedication of amazing volunteers like you that are helping the co-op build a sustainable future for Shames Mountain as a ski area.

Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. Some are on the mountain – annual maintenance and other on-time projects – while others are off the mountain, such as fundraising and event planning. Some roles require just a few hours, while others are more involved. Many of our volunteer projects are initiated by the volunteer, while others are a volunteer request, put out by the My Mountain Co-op Board or Shames Mountain General Manager, Christian Theberge.

Our membership is rich in skill sets and passions.  Since MMC’s inception, it is the volunteer members and community members that have made so much of our new and updated infrastructure possible through hands-on labour as well as donations of materials and equipment. 

Examples of volunteer projects and labour

  • Barb Tetz spearheaded a campaign to re-cover the seats of our lift chairs. Project completed.
  • Tony Walker and Gordon Weary are investigating avenues that could possibly bring hydro to Shames Mountain. 
  • Wilf Geier has spearheaded our Annual Shred Ready fundraiser which combines a silent auction and dance party to bring in our season.
  • Dave Cater, was hitting the streets to sell our Get a Grip Campaign. 
  • John Krisinger has lead a project to replace the highway sign at the bottom of Shames Mountain. Project completed.
  • All of our Board Directors are Volunteers.
  • Some of our on-the-hill maintenance, updates and repairs: 
    • changing of the haul cable on the chair and T-bar
    • splicing of the cables
    • replacing grips
    • cat maintenance
    • construction of new buildings and repairs of old ones
    • switching generators
    • solving electrical issues
    • installing heaters
    • fans and doors
    • insulating
    • repairing the deck
    • building new picnic tables, benches and stairs
    • painting the lodge
    • brushing
    • snow shovelling
    • preparing the lodge for opening. 
  • Helping out at special events: flipping burgers, monitoring the toboggan hill and clearing tables.

Interested in volunteering? Have an idea for a project?

For on the mountain work, contact Shames Mountain General Manager at [email protected] or through our MMC facebook page. Or call our office at 250.635.3773.

For capital projects, contact the My Mountain Co-op Board of Directors at [email protected] with a proposal. We request that each proposal consider and address the following:

  1. Clearly identify the project: scope, timeline, material, staff and volunteers required.
  2. Estimate the cost of the project. 
  3. Identify how the membership can be leveraged: volunteerism, material sourcing, donations, etc. 
  4. Re-assess the cost of the project with the strength membership considered.
  5. Submit your proposal to the Board of Directors.