MMC-Shames Mountain is focused on making skiing and snowboarding affordable and accessible to all youth and juniors across the Northwest.

The Northern Snow Angels’ program is available to all schools and organizations bringing groups to Shames Mountain. The goal of the program is to provide free skiing and riding by offering lift, rentals and lessons to those who want to participate but are unable to afford it. An active community is a healthy community.

Anyone can donate! MMC-Shames Mountain will match dollar for dollar the total amount donated. For every $50 contributed, the donor will receive one youth/junior lift and rental voucher to bring someone to the mountain to enjoy a day at Shames.

It is our way of encouraging our youth/juniors up the Mountain to experience a day at Shames. A positive outdoor experience is just the beginning. By making skiing more accessible to our youth/juniors, we are able to introduce a whole new generation to skiing/riding.

How to Apply

Contact the Downtown Office and we will gladly send out an application.

Funding will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that there is a limited amount of money for the Northern Snow Angels Program, so please be responsible when applying for this program. 

Download Northern Snow Angels Information