My Recreational Mountain Co-operative (our legal name), is a “non-profit community service co-op” formed in 2011 with the goal of operating the Shames Mountain Ski Area. MMC is incorporated under the “Co-operative Association Act” of the Province of British Columbia.

A non-profit community service co-op is a co-operative that provides a service for its community. MMC’s service is Shames Mountain. The non-profit aspect means that any revenue generated by the co-operative is returned to its operation and not into the pockets of its shareholders.

When Shames Mountain was put up for sale, the owners were looking for a buyer who would keep Shames running for the community. In 2008, a non-profit society called Friends of Shames (FoS) was created. FoS arranged for the completion of a feasibility study and business plan to determine the best possible business model to purchase Shames Mountain Ski Area. The outcome of the research and planning indicated that a non-profit community service co-operative model had the best chance of success.

Membership in MMC means that you are part of a co-operative that democratically works together towards the shared vision of owning and operating the Shames Mountain Ski Area.  It also means that you own your very own mountain!

MMC is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors which is nominated and elected by the membership. This means the future vision of Shames Mountain is being created to reflect the values of our membership.

  • Owning your own mountain and having a say on how it develops.
  • Each member gets one vote on any issue that is brought before the membership.
  • Any member can be a Board Member.
  • Members can catalyze change through the proposal of resolutions.
  • Members also receive a $100 on their seasons pass.

Membership is a lifetime share in MMC. One is a member of the co-operative. A season pass lets you ski at Shames Mountain any day you would like for the season your pass is valid for!

No. One does not need to be a member of the co-op to purchase a season pass or ski at Shames.

MMC has over 1200 members and is growing every year.

No, memberships are non-transferable in nature.

Yes, but you still only get one vote.

  • Individual Shredders Lifetime Membership are $299.
  • Junior Shredders Lifetime Membership (0-16 years of age) are pro-rated based on age at time of purchase (fee must be updated annually to be a member in good standing).
  • Business Lifetime Membership are $599.
  • Download and print the membership form (mail to: 4805 Hwy 16 W, Terrace, BC, V8G OH3)
  • In person at the MMC office or at the mountain during our operating season.
Best Friends Packages are for businesses, corporations, associations and service groups who want to donate and enjoy customizable marketing and promotional options.
  • Green Starter: $1,500 to $5,000
  • Blue Intermediate: $5,001 to $10,000
  • Black Diamond Advanced: $10,001 to $50,000
  • Double Diamond Expert: $ 50, 001 to $100,000 +
  • King of the Hill: $ 250,000 +

Please contact Tara Wilson, MMC Director 250.631.2809 or Christian Theberge, GM 250.635.3773

Season Passes involve a liability waiver that must be witnessed by a MMC staff member and the calculation of dollars owned can be tricky! You can submit your form on line, but must call the office (250.635.3773) to process your payment. To receive sale prices, payment must be processed prior to the deadline of the sale.