MMC-Shames Mountain’s Rental Shop offers a wide selection of skis and boards. Regardless of your level of ability our rental technicians will equip you with the right gear!  

MMC-Shames Mountain also carries high performance skis and boards for the more advanced shredders!

All rental packages include a helmet.

Taxes not included.
Adult (21-64), Youth (13-20), Junior (7-12), Child (6 & under).

Rental Prices

Adult & Youth

Full DayHalf Day
Full Package$41.96$29.02

Indigenous Adventure Pass, 50% rentals

Junior & Child

Full DayHalf Day
Full Package$19.05$13.34

Indigenous Adventure Pass, 50% rentals

Upgrade to Performance

Skis/Snowboard = $26.79

Backcountry Equipment Rentals

Full Backcountry Package*$85.00
Beacon, Probe, Shovel, Backpack$35.00
Beacon, Probe, Shovel$30.00
Skis or Split Board & Skins$60.00
Probe & Shovel$20.00
Probe OR Shovel$14.00
Telescopic Poles$15.00
GST & PST where applicable, not including prices.

*Full package includes skis or split board with skins, beacon, probe, shovel, telescopic poles and backpack.

**Beacon rentals do not include batteries for liability reasons. AAA batteries are available for purchase, or guest my bring their own.

Repair Prices

Hot Iron Wax (Skis/Board) = $22.10
Base Repair* = $22.10
Edge Sharpening* = $22.10
Complete Tune = $39.29
Binding Adjustments = $16.70

*Prices will vary according to degree of damage. Taxes not included.