The Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club (SMSSC) offers fun ski and snowboard programs for children and teenagers – from Mini Rippers to Shames Mountain Riders to Northwest Free Riders. Club members are ages 5 to 18.

​The Shames Mountain Ski and Snowboard Club is an important part of MMC/Shames Mountain’s ski community. ​For more information about the club, visit their website or email

Club Goals

  •  To develop lifelong skiers and snowboarders, while developing skills and abilities for both recreational and competitive athletes.
  • To promote all aspects of skiing and snowboarding, enabling athletes to experience the various disciplines of snowboarding, freestyle and alpine skiing in a fun, safe and progressive learning environment.
  • To promote fitness, nutrition, and sportsmanship.
  • To help our athletes and coaches maximize their abilities and reach their potential.
  • To collaborate with, and support the efforts of My Mountain Co-Op/Shames Mountain and the regional winter community.