blue square sponsorship opportunities at Shames Mountain
  • Uphill Shredfest (RollyWorks) November 18th and 19th 
  • Denis Rowse Retro Day (Hilary Cassady) December 21st
  • Rail Jam (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Slush Cup (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Shredfest (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Pride & Diversity Weekend (2 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Hit & Run Freeride Competition (2 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Family Day Weekend (2 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Indigenous Culture Weekend (4 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Banked Slalom (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Mini Races January (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Avalanche Awareness Days (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Not So Mini Races Family Day (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Mini Races Shredfest (1 Entertainment Sponsor Opportunities)
  • Weekday Library Ticket Sponsor (12 Sponsor Opportunities)

What can we offer businesses in our Best Friend 2.0 Offering: $1,000 Tier

What do the sponsors get in return?


  • Our $1000 tier sponsors at the Blue Square Sponsor Level will have their business name and logo displayed on select emails sent to our email list on the day of their event and in the preceding week of the event in the  2023-2024 season (December until April).
    • Snow Report email (4 x mentions in snow reports in lead up to the event)
  • Our email subscriber list reaches close 1,000 dedicated supporters of Shames Mountain.

Posters in Daylodge and Snow School & Digital advertising on TV

  • Visible in high traffic areas, these posters will feature your business name and logo in prominent positions.
    • High traffic areas include entrance to daylodge, line up to ticket office, stairs to Galloways Bar and Panhandler Cafe, wall space by washrooms, entrance to snow school and dividers in snow school.
  • These promotional materials will be on display in the daylodge and snow school on our TV next to the ticket office, capturing the attention of guests as they are in line. 

Social Media Posts

  • Event posts thanking your business for sponsoring said event.
  • Our social media reach covers Facebook and Instagram, across both platforms we have 14,000 likes and follows, the vast majority of whom are local to the Terrace, Prince Rupert and Kitimat region, of whom are potential customers for your business.


  • Over a 12 month period our website sees approximately 30,000 visits with total impressions of 351,000.
  • The snow report on the website received approximately 8,000 visits with a total of over 80,000 impressions.
  • Your business name and logo will appear on the events section of the website and our Best Friends 2.0 corporate exposure page. 


  • Four complimentary tickets for the day of the event

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